Tuskegee Forest Kiosk

Apr 18th, 2017

Tuskegee Forest Kiosk

Client: Tuskegee National Park Service


Group Members:


Mitchell Beers

Tanner Case

McKelvy Douthit

Alex Funck

Neil Jesse

Richard King

Reeves Moore

Zach Schroeder

George Wolfe

Mac Warren

Allen Wood


Tuskegee National Forest contains hiking trails for visitors to explore the area and enjoy nature. Guests can usually find kiosks at the trailheads that give them much needed information like park rules, warnings, maps, and contact information for rangers.  Unfortunately, many of these kiosks have been ravaged by time. They are severely damaged, and some are completely destroyed. The rangers expressed a great need for durable kiosks to replace the old ones so that hikers can stay safe and informed.


To learn more about this project, follow the link: http://rmw0018.wixsite.com/tueskegeeforestkiosk/background