BSCI Bridge Builders

Nov 29th, 2016

BSCI Bridge Builders



Hunter Whitten

Frank Daniel

Sam Edwards

Shawn Blakely

Pat Williamson

Patrick Collins

Joe Jorgensen

Gray “Gary” Rochester

John McCleskey


The purpose of this project was to construct a bridge for Alabama Rural Ministry. An 18’ wide trench was separating the building from the lot where the workers’ trucks were located. This made it difficult and dangerous for workers to maneuver heavy equipment and bring their tools to the trucks for construction projects. The bridge would make this trip much more manageable, especially when heavy rains would fill the trench with water and become even more of a hazard. 


The project gave us experience in coordinating angles, measuring, working with tools and woodcutting. We were learning to think critically and adapt to the situation at hand. The project overall was a great learning experience and a chance to make a contribution to the Opelika community.


To learn more about the project, follow the link: