Building Construction Service Learning: Sani-Freeze

Nov 2nd, 2016

Building Construction Service Learning: Sani-Freeze

The Sani-Freeze, also know as the Sani-Flush, was an ice cream shop on Glenn Avenue. It operated for decades in downtown Auburn, serving hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream treats. It was another piece of tradition in Auburn. Unfortunately, the original building was demolished over 20 years ago, so Sani-Freeze has been stuck as an image from history. That changed this year. As part of a Building Science project, we made a recreation of the building from which the Auburn Alumni Center now sells food and ice cream on Auburn football Saturdays!


BSCI Personnel:

Ben Farrow

Mike Hosey


Project Owner:

Mary Evelyn Jordan

Special Events and Programs Coordinator



Jamie Andrews

Drew Bolton

Colby Brashear

Eric Lynn


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