Dec 15th, 2015

Katie – Fourth Year Architecture Student


Finally, it is the last week of school before Christmas break. I am looking forward to a whole month of nothing but family, friends and food. Wait, who am I kidding … Maybe I will have time for all of that in between finishing up projects and preparing my portfolio for the upcoming fifth year option submissions and the portfolio competition. Both of which are due January 13th, the first day school starts back.  

Oh well, I am just glad that I will be able to make up for some of the lost hours of sleep. The week my final boards were due, I tried to get in at least three hours of sleep each night.  I got just that each night except Wednesday night. Thursday morning, I found that sleep should not have been missed because about 8:30am, I found myself asleep on my studio desk with an imprint of jacket buttons on my forehead.  The life of an architecture student doesn’t get any more glamorous than that.  I am just lucky I didn’t get any drool on my façade draft on my desk. 

 My Birmingham façade proposal for our fourth year Alagasco competition project, drool free. 


A Snapchat sent at 1:30 Friday morning; even though, our project was due at 11:59pm, Thursday night it took my final boards three hours to make their way out of the plotter.  But I am not complaining just thankful, Professor Kevin Moore was willing to wait on the backed up plotters. Half the fourth year class was still in Dudley until about 1am.   











This photo is of my beautiful friends. Kaysie – in the cap and gown –graduated Saturday morning. I should be in this photo but I am not. I had six alarms set Friday night so I could be in Athens by 9am. However, the lasting effect of a little sleep week prohibited me from waking up from any alarm.  









Well there is always next semester to try and completely finish a project. I know what your thinking, I procrastinated and that was why I didn’t finish in time nor got any sleep. However, I like to think it is the perfectionist in me. It enabled me from being fully satisfied with any one thing; therefore, resulting in delays of my final work to go on my board.  But hey! Congratulations to Ning Shi for placing first in the Alagasco competition.  The photo to the left is her final boards.