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Professional Fee

Auburn University Fee Statement

The amount that students pay in tuition and required fees represents a sizeable and important investment in their future. However, student payments alone do not cover the full cost of providing any of Auburn¹s educational programs. Even after state appropriations are included, some programs require funding through additional fees in order to provide the high-quality learning environment that students expect. Like the basic tuition and fees, these additional amounts help to cover not only the direct costs of providing instruction and advising in these programs but also indirect costs associated with Auburn’s role as a comprehensive center of higher education for the state.


CADC Professional Fee Information

The AU College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC) charges a professional fee to partially defray the difference between state funding and tuition, and the actual costs of our professional programs. Within each program, a professional fee charge of $2,160 is tied to enrollment in specific trigger courses. During semesters when students are enrolled in these classes they will be charged the professional fee. Each curriculum has their own trigger courses as noted in the specific curriculum sheet. These courses are also identified in the CADC undergraduate handbook. 


ARCH 2010 Studio 1 Undergrad

ARCH 2020 Studio 2 Undergrad

ARCH 3010 Studio 3 Undergrad

ARCH 3020 Studio 4 Undergrad

ARCH 4010 Studio 5 Undergrad

ARCH 4020 Studio 6 Undergrad

ARCH 5010 Studio 7 Undergrad

ARCH 5020 Thesis Studio Undergrad


Interior Architecture

ARIA 3020 Studio 4A Interior Arch Undergrad

ARIA 4020 Studio 6A Interior Arch Undergrad

ARIA 4030 Interior Arch Thesis Undergrad


Landscape Architecture

LAND 5130/6130 - Studio I

LAND 5230/6230 - Studio II

LAND 5330/6330 - Studio III

LAND 7130 - Studio IV

LAND 7230 - Thesis Studio

LAND 7330 - Thesis Studio

LAND 7990 Design Thesis I Grad Phases in Spring 11 (Term=2011-20)


Graphic Design

GDES 1220 Foundation Design II

GDES 2210 Processes Undergrad

GDES 3200* Intro to Design (Will change to 2230) Undergrad

GDES 2710* Graphic Design History (Will change to 3710) Undergrad

GDES 4240 Graphic Design I Undergrad Phases in Spring 10 (Term=2010-20)

GDES 4250 Graphic Design II Undergrad Phases in Fall 10 (Term=2011-10)

GDES 4990 Senior Project Undergrad Phases in Spring 11 (Term=2011-20)


Industrial Design

INDD 1310 Synthesis of Drawing

INDD 2110 2D Industrial Design Principles Undergrad

INDD 2210 3D Industrial Design Principles Undergrad

INDD 3110 Exhibit Packaging Undergrad

INDD 3210 Product Design Undergrad

INDD 4110 Advanced Product Design Undergrad

INDD 4210 Industrial Design Thesis Undergrad


Building Science

BSCI 3600 Project Controls I Undergrad

BSCI 3650 Project Controls II Undergrad

BSCI 4600 Project Controls III Undergrad

UNIV (BSCI) 4940 Auburn Study Abroad (students get credit for 4990 & 4400)

BSCI 4990 Building Science Thesis (Changed from 4980) Undergrad


Environmental Design

ENVD 2100—Workshop I

ENVD 3000—Concepts and Practices II

ENVD 3100—Civic Engagement and Research Methods

ENVD 4100—Workshop II/Capstone


For More Information

Should you have any questions about the trigger courses, please contact the Office of Student Services at 334.844.5350.