College of Architecture, Design & Construction

Learning Communities

The College of Architecture, Design and Construction embraces the belief that undergraduate students benefit from collaborating across disciplines. Freshman year collaborations create a foundation for future success in our professional programs and in future professional work. The Learning Community students benefit further from collaborating in the local community through service learning opportunities.


The CADC Learning Communities are made up of freshmen in different majors in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction. All incoming freshmen in Environmental Design, Pre-Architecture, Pre-Building Construction, Pre-Graphic Design, Pre-Industrial Design, and Pre-Landscape Architecture are eligible to participate as long as placement is available.  Learning community students take several classes together. The community is focused on the theme of environmental longevity and green practices in construction. Opportunities will be presented both in and out of class for students to connect with other students, faculty, and administrators in the college. Students also have the option to live together in on-campus housing.


CADC Learning Community Courses


Fall Semester

  • UNIV 1150 CADC First Year Seminar
  • Core History I
  • Core Social Science
  • ENGL 1100 English Comp I (optional)


Spring Semester

  • Core History II
  • Core Humanities
  • ENGL 1120 English Comp II (optional)