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The Auburn University Master of Landscape Architecture program prepares students for careers as landscape architects who will imagine, design, and build the 21st century’s landscapes.



Landscape Architecture

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Landscape Architecture

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The Master of Building Construction (MBC) at Auburn is a non-thesis based graduate program which requires a minimum of thirty-five credit hours to complete.  

Building Construction

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Building Construction

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Non-Industrial Design Degree Applicants

Applicants with a degree from other disciplines may be admitted to the graduate program under condition that a minimum of 43 credit hours in industrial design will be completed at the undergraduate level. The Post Baccalaureate Program awards a Bachelor of Science in Environment Design degree (BEVD) upon completion of these undergraduate courses.


Industrial Design Degree Applicants

The information provided below assumes the applicant holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design or equivalent from an accredited program.


All applications for admission to Graduate Programs within the College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC) at Auburn must be completed through the Auburn Graduate School.


Graduate Online Application (U.S. Applicants)


Graduate Online Application International Students


Application Deadline: February 1


Please refer to the Graduate School website for further information on admission, forms and procedures.


For more detailed information, please visit the Master of Industrial Design Program site.


What are the prerequisites to apply to your Graduate Programs?

The basic requirement is an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design or equivalent from an accredited college or university.


Please visit the MID application requirements on the program page.


Also, visit the Graduate School website for more information on prerequisites to apply.


Applicants with a non-Industrial Design degree must apply to the Environmental Design Post Baccalaurette program and complete 43 credit hours to apply for the Master of Industrial Design Program.


What do I need to do to apply for the graduate programs?

A complete application should be received by Auburn University by February 1 for admission mid-August.


In order for an application to be considered, the following items must be submitted to the Graduate School:

A completed online graduate application, including payment of a nonrefundable application fee. 


Graduate Application Requirements


Submit the following to Graduate School, Hargis Hall, Auburn University, AL 36849 USA:

Transcripts from all Colleges Attended


Graduate Record Exam (GRE)


TOFEL Score (international students only)


Written scores range from 310-677 w/minimum of 550


Computer scores range from 0-300 w/minimum of 213


Administered (internet) exam minimum score 79


Bank Statement (international students only)


Students - $36,200.00 each 12 months


Spouse- $4,850.00 per year


Dependents - $3,370.00 per year


Submit the following to Industrial Design, 207 Wallace Center, Auburn University, AL 36849 USA:

Three letters of reference


Letter of intent




Hard copy portfolio (any format, approximately 7-10 pages) 
(CDs, DVDs and 35mm slides will not be accepted)


To speak with a graduate program advisor please contact Student Services at 334.844.5350. For more information on Master of Industrial Design email Clark Lundell, or call 334.844.2364.


Are there additional requirements for international students?

All international applicants should refer to the Auburn Graduate School website concerning additional admission. 


Are there computer requirements for the Industrial Design graduate program?



Can I get financial assistance?

Several forms of financial assistance are available to graduate students, including grants by federal agencies, and fellowships, as well as low and moderate-interest, federally-insured loans, including subsidized loan programs. 


Interested students can obtain detailed and updated information directly from the University Office of Financial Aid and The Graduate School.


CADC awards a limited number of graduate assistantships each year. Assistantships are service positions and normally involve providing support to faculty for research or teaching. Contact Clark Lundell about Graduate Teaching Assistantships.


Auburn University, an equal-opportunity educational institution, does not discriminate in its admissions policy on the basis of race, color, sex, creed, handicap, age or national origin.


How do I apply for an assistantship?

Contact Clark Lundell about Graduate Teaching Assistantships for Industrial Design.


What is the minimum GPA for admission into the CADC Graduate Program?

3.0 on a 4.0 scale.


Do I need to take GRE? 



Do I need to take TOEFL? What is the minimum score on TOEFL?

Yes, if you are an international applicant. The minimum score on the TOEFL is 550 (paper test) or 213 (computer based test) or 79 on iBT (internet based test).


Please refer to the International Student website for more information. 


Is the Test of Spoken English (TSE) required and can it be taken after arriving in Auburn?

Graduate teaching assistants (GTA) must take the TSE with the exception that in certain situations, an oral exam can be taken upon arrival in Auburn in lieu of the TSE.


What is Auburn University's code number to send ETS test scores?



Should I send my application material directly to the department or to the Graduate School?

Submit your application online and send official transcripts, standardized test scores, and financial statements to the graduate school.


Your statement of purpose, recommendation letters (in a sealed and signed envelope by the recommender if sent as a hardcopy), and any other required material to Clark Lundell, or call 344.844.2369.


Please do NOT send photographs, resume, high-school certificates, etc.


Can the application fee be waived? Who do I make the check payable to?

No, the application fee cannot be waived. The University, not the department, mandates this fee. The checks should be made payable to Auburn University.


Does my assistantship cover health insurance and other expenses?

Please visit the graduate school website for detailed information about the graduate student health insurance plan.


Where can I find information on current tuition and other fees?

The information can be found at:


CADC Professional Program Fees


Student Financial Services Business Office 


International Student pages


More Information

For more detailed information please visit the Industrial Design Graduate Program site.


Email Deborah Jordan in Student Services, or call 334.844.5350, to make an appointment to see an advisor.

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The Auburn University Executive Master of Real Estate Development (AUMRED) Degree Program provides a targeted understanding of multiple disciplines that puts students at an advantage in their real estate development careers. Connect with the industry from day one.


Our goal is to train a new generation of executives who are highly knowledgeable about sustainable development, energy, and natural resource efficiency.  Students become not only successful but also stewards of the environment.  Here’s our plan to do it.


AUMRED's degree program is entrepreneurially and industry focused. Learn it today, use it tomorrow.


Tuition is $58,500 for the two year, six-semester program (subject to change). This is why.


Click here to request information online.

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The McWhorter School of Building Science is now offering three graduate certificates in construction management. The program has been enrolling students since fall of 1993 and continues to grow and develop research opportunities, strong industry relations, and excellent academic content.

Certificates in Construction Management

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Certificates in Construction Management

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