College of Architecture, Design and Construction

Inclusion and Diversity

Auburn University recognizes and values the considerable educational benefits emanating from diversity as we prepare our students for life and leadership. Students who interact with and learn about people from a variety of backgrounds are more apt to understand, appreciate and excel in the community they inhabit.
Our goals in the CADC include:
  • Fostering an environment that respects differences and encourages inclusiveness.


  • Increasing recruitment, retention, and representation of people of color, ethnic minorities, women, people with disabilities, and underrepresented students.


  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive system of education and training focused on effectively managing and leveraging inclusion and diversity for students.


  • Building and strengthening partnerships with diverse communities, businesses, and civic and community organizations to support inclusion and diversity in the university and in external communities.
For more information, contact the Office of the Dean, 334-844-4285.