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Create/Design/Build. It's what we are about. Our nationally ranked programs are challenging, but rewarding. Our alumni are leaders in the design and construction fields. Our industry partners are recognizable global brands. Explore CADC to find out why.

Undergraduate Programs

Drive. It's what makes a CADC student stand out from the others. Learn more about our undergraduate professional program offerings, including Architecture, Building Construction, Environmental Design, Graphic Design and Industrial Design.

Graduate Programs

Explore the college's graduate professional programs. They include Landscape Architecture, Building Construction, Industrial Design, Integrated Design and Construction and Executive Master of Real Estate Development.

Auburn Abroad

Study abroad programs grant students the opportunity to gain a new perspective on life. We are increasingly working in a global marketplace, and a study abroad experience can give students an added edge in the workplace.


CADC Alumni best represent how a quality education can greatly contribute to a person's professional career.

Vini Nathan

Vini Nathan

Dean and McWhorter Endowed Chair