Benjamin Bush

Benjamin Bush

Assisitant Professor

238 Wallace Hall

Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: 334-844-2366

Master of Industrial Design, Auburn University
Bachelor of Industrial Design, Auburn University


Raised in the woods of central Alabama, Benjamin Bush always loved the act of designing. He just never knew what to call it. Legos, K'nex and masking tape were the toys of his childhood. A childhood that was filled with exciting contrast.

Ben grew up (sort of) and attended Auburn University and received both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Industrial Design.

Since 2009, Benjamin has spent his time teaching in design schools throughout the Southeast United States. In each location he has advocated for the voice of the student through his leadership as and IDSA advisor. In 2013 Bush was awarded the "Young Educator's" award from the IDSA recognizing younger faculty who have made the choice to dedicate their careers primarily to the education of the next generation of designers. Bush excels in the study abroad atmosphere leading students in France, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen just to name a few. He teaches design fundamentals studio, senior studio, 3d computer modeling, and professional portfolio. He has a special interest in prosthetics, orthotics, team building, sports design, interaction design, and rapid prototyping.