Designing Green

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Designing Green

Students are challenged to design an item intended for democratized manufacturing for a CNC router in this year’s 24-hour sustainable design competition.



Wallace Hall 107, Auburn University

Home of the School of Industrial + Graphic Design


Thursday, March 9th

9:00 – Amy Strickland, AU Office of Sustainability

10:00 – Jerrod Windham, Associate Professor of Industrial Design

11:00 – Project Kickoff


Friday, March 10th

11:00 – Project Deadline and Judging

12:00 – BBQ

12:45ish – Winners Announced



Competition | Democratized Manufacturing 

Design an item intended for democratized manufacturing, specifically for a CNC router. Your team may use up to 3 pieces of 4′x8′ FSC plywood.  Your design brief is to design a piece of furniture or other product intended to enhance Wallace Hall.  It does not have to be limited to furniture.  You can learn more about the constraints surrounding the machine by watching the Designing Green 2017 Competition Video.



1. Design is to be limited to three (3) sheets of 4'x8' plywood.  You will be judged by how efficiently you use the material.  You do not have to use all of the material.  You can use a portion of a sheet, but must supply a description and calculation of how well you utilize the material you do use.  For example, you may design a bookcase using 95% of one sheet.  You may also design a chair that would be produced using 1.5 sheets or two chairs could be produced with three sheets.  Use Illustrator to calculate the percentage of the material used.


2. Your design must be displayed both assembled as well as laid out in 2D on the needed 4'x8' sheets.


3. Your team needs to build a scale model using provided cardboard.


4. Your solution must be adequately communicated on a poster with the provided template.  Please provide some type of scale reference.  If the design is specifically intended for Wallace Hall, make sure you state it as such.


5. Your design must be awesome.



Jerrod Windham

Jerrod Windham

Bauhaus Associate Professor