Collaborative Programs

School of Industrial + Graphic Design

Collaborative Programs

Industrial Design and Building Science Innovation and Collaboration Project

Industrial Design and Building Science faculty lead an interdisciplinary studio to develop cost-effective tools that could solve common industry needs. Faculty develop and collect suggestions on construction problems that could be solved with a new tool or redesign.


The press, faculty, and industry leaders are invited to an exhibition of prototypes at the conclusion of the project.



Auburn University’s Studio+Build is the only program of its kind to unite construction, design and engineering education with end-users and manufacturers to solve industry issues through product design. Interdisciplinary teams work together to research inefficiencies and opportunities related to safety and productivity providing rich contributions resulting in products that will change the future of jobsite safety and efficiency in the industry. Contact Shea Tillman or Paul Holley for more information.


Industry Collaboration

Over the past twenty years the Industrial Design Program (INDD) in the School of Industrial + Graphic Design, College of Architecture, Design, and Construction at Auburn University, has accomplished a number of curriculum based design education / research projects in collaboration with, and supported by industry and other outside entities. Collaborations are generally fourteen weeks long. All student expenses are covered by the department. Activities include the following:


  • On site industry hosted program orientations


  • Intermediate product reviews by industry based, interdisciplinary teams at Auburn


  • Complete two and three dimensional product development and documentation


  • Formal reviews of final designs hosted at the site of the collaborating industry


  • Delivery of predetermined product outcome to the host industry


    With assistance from our collaborators we attempt to make these experiences replicate the true relationship between a product design team and manufacturer. Often the product outcome will facilitate modifications in an existing, or initiate the development of a new product or marketing strategy.


    For further information please contact: 

    Clark Lundell

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    Shea Tillman

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