Paul Holley

Paul Holley

Director-CCIC; Wilborn Endowed Professor for Senior Faculty

324 Gorrie Center

Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: 334-844-5377


Ph.D., Education, Auburn University
MDP Certificate, Harvard University Graduate School of Education
MBA University of Alabama at Birmingham
B.S. Building Science, Auburn University

In construction management education, it is important to provide fundamental information from which students can develop a base of knowledge. It is equally important that this information be clear, concise, and consistent. This provides for a firm educational foundation that is critical in construction education, from which practicality may be elaborated. Accordingly, the application of subject material is not only helpful for visualization and understanding, but is essential in preparing students for immersion into the working construction industry. I believe that regularly searching for improved methods of information delivery is necessary to perpetuate "engaged" education. The culture of learning constantly evolves. Innovation and technology in the construction industry are testaments to this, and must be reflected in the dissemination of both foundational and applied information to students through construction application and experience.


Published Books to date

Holley, P. (2004). Surveying & Layout Fundamentals for Construction, ConstructEd LLC, Auburn, AL; John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ U.S. Copyright #PA 1-289-428 *Specified for use between 2004 and present at Texas A&M University, Colorado State University, Clemson University, University of Nevada Las Vegas and Auburn University

Published Articles to date
Holley, P., Mancill, S. (2014) “Employing LiDAR Scanning for Drywall Prefabrication: A Qualitative Pilot Proof of Concept Study” Proceedings of the 2014 Construction Research Congress, Georgia Institute of Technology, May 2014 Atlanta, GA

Holley, P., Farrow, C. (2013) “Expanding Collaboration in Academia: A Case Study of the Development of Construction Products” Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice – American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 139, No. 2, April 2013

Holley, P., Humphries, C., Thomas, J. (2013) “Efficacy of Improved Gang-box Prototypes: A Qualitative Study” Associated Schools of Construction Proceedings, 2013 San Luis Obispo, CA

Holley, P., Emig, J., Albright, E. (2012) “Collaborative Professional Services: A Case Study in Graduate Outreach” Associated Schools of Construction Proceedings, 2012, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Clay, Michael J., Wade, W., Holley, P., Curry, M. (2012) “Data Development for Implementing an Integrated Land Use and Transportation Forecasting Model in a Medium-sized MPO” Journal of Planning Practice and Research, Vol. 27(1)

Holley, P., Perrine, T., Gamble, H. (2011) “Is Reflectorless EDM Technology Reliable for Building Construction Layout Tolerances?” Associated Schools of Construction Proceedings, 2011, Omaha, NE

Holley, P., Emig, J. (2010) Changing the Culture of Design and Construction Education in the U.S. COBRA – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors International Conference Proceedings, Paris, France

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Collaborative Projects
BSCI – INDD Construction Product Development
Volkswagen Manufacturing – Design + Build Competition
City of Chattanooga – Design + Build Riverfront Library Development

Areas of Specialty
Integrated Delivery
Field Operations Management
Project Management
Construction Surveying
Real Estate Development

Research Areas
Constructability issues
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Cost and financial management
Innovative construction materials
Innovative construction technologies
Integration of design and construction process