Tom Leathem

Tom Leathem

Assistant Professor

328 M. Miller Gorrie Center

Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: 334-844-5378


Tom Leathem is an assistant professor in the McWhorter School of Building Science teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in construction documents, project delivery, pre-construction services, planning, and procurement. He has a B.S. in construction management, M.S. in Integrated Design & Construction, and is currently a PhD Candidate in Curriculum & Instruction. Leathem has 11 years of industry experience in construction management within the commercial/industrial sector of the Chicago building market and five years as an assistant professor in the Building Construction Science program at Mississippi State University. Tom is the Director of the Associated Schools of Construction – Region 2, participates in the American Council for Construction Education, and is actively involved in university/industry relations, student competitions and associations, curriculum development & assessment for construction education, and innovation in construction education. His main areas of research are construction education and assessment, project delivery, collaborative education in the built environment, and innovation in construction education.