The McWhorter School of Building Science

Community Projects

BSCI 3450: Reinforced Concrete Class

The following pages include concrete community service projects done for Structures III in the Building Construction Curriculum. If any past or present AU Building Construction Students wish to add a link to their project on the Building Construction website or have their project added to this page, email Steve Williams.


Fall 2003

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Ogletree Elementary School

Pervious Concrete Sidewalk

The Athletic School at Auburn University

East Alabama Aids Outreach

Auburn High School

Drake Middle School Stairway

Drake Middle School Sidewalk


Spring 2004

Habitat for Humanity

Ogletree Elementary School


Fall 2004

Auburn Parks and Recreation

Auburn High School


Spring 2005

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

East Alabama Aids Outreach

Auburn High School


Fall 2006

Auburn City Schools


Fall 2007

Auburn University Arboretum


Spring 2009

Auburn University Rural Studio



Eva Wesche

Eva Wesche

Administrative Support Specialist II, Academic