APLA Student Seminar Project Receives 2019 AIA Student Award

APLA Student Seminar Project Receives 2019 AIA Student Award

Jul 12th, 2019

APLA Students in Prof. Robert Sproull’s MATERIOUS seminar took part in a materials¬based project that renovated part of the Library of Architecture, Design and Construction (LADC). With the architecture librarian acting as client, they were asked to investigate diverse materials and design methods to create a dynamic and interactive exhibition wall. The multipurpose installation needed to function as an exhibit space for new books, design related media collections, and student work while creating opportunities for community investment in the site. Student teams were directed to make material selections based on composition, form, performance and potential application for their chosen site, while meeting the demands of durability, budget, function, and aesthetics. They were instructed to, when strategic, take advantage of CNC technology available in the school’s shop. At multiple points throughout the process several design options were presented to the client that included drawings as well as digital and large-scale physical models. The students’ material explorations, and resulting design, ultimately led to new space that had been overlooked previously as one for study and display.


After a design option was selected, the assembly team began shop fabrication.  The final installation resulted in a newly functional wall built to a high level of accuracy. The wall is grooved to allow shelves and hangers to ‘plug-in’ to the surface and is constructed of several repeated MDF panels that interlock to ensure precision across the entire surface. It now showcases the creation of new knowledge and has become a space for teaching and learning, allowing for an exchange of ideas through class presentations and exhibitions of student work.

The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture would like to congratulate Prof. Sproull, and the participants of the MATERIOUS seminar, on their 2019 AIA Student Award.

Client: Kasia Leousis; Architecture and Art Librarian at Auburn University
Doug Bacon; Graduate Teaching Assistant
Laura Bathke

Michael Brudi

Justin Collier

Sean Flaharty

Kristen Gruhn

Andrew Guarisco

Aleksander Hays

Ye Been Lee

Adam Levet

Vincent Lombardo

Allison Martin

Chloe Schultz

Kevin Thompson

Kirby Tucker

Taiwei Wang

Megan Wood

Ryan Zimmerman

Tanner Avery

Jeffrey Bak

Kaitlyn Callis

Benjamin Gardner

Dylan Moore