DESIGNHabitat Faculty Receive Funding to Continue Work

Jan 25th, 2014

SoAPLA faculty (Miller, Sproull and Hinson) and the Alabama Association of Habitat Affiliates (AAHA) have been awarded second year funding of external grant which will support continued improvement in the quality of affordable housing in the state and affiliate training in best practices related to whole building performance. The state affiliates participating in the grant program, Green Home Alabama, will construct 16 Energy Star certified homes this upcoming spring and summer. Energy Star Homes are rated on the HERS Index which uses a code compliant home as the base line score of 100, Energy Star 3 certification would yield a score of 74 or a 16% increase in efficiency. The tiers of the grant are based upon target HERS Indexes of 74, 54 and 24, which represent significant reduction in homeownership costs for the future homeowners. The DESIGNhabitat program will be involved in the design of the two HERS 24 index homes. This score represents what is commonly referred to as a net zero ready home. Professors Miller and Sproull will lead this initiative, working with a team of undergraduate students this spring to design these net zero ready demonstration homes in close collaboration with the partner affiliates and future homeowners.