Architecture Camp Session 2

Jul 10th, 2016 (08:00 am) to Jul 15th, 2016 (03:00 pm)

This week-long program is designed to begin with basic concepts and concludes with several architectural design projects. These projects allow the students to display the information they have learned throughout the week. The workshop is quite intensive but overly exciting with the vast hands-on experience the students receive. While working each day in the Auburn University School of Architecture studios, students will be given not only individual guidance, but they will have the opportunity to engage and learn from the university’s highly-qualified professors. Program faculty consists of dedicated and caring Auburn faculty members who hold degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and the Fine Arts. The faculty's diverse background will ensure students a broad perspective of the different aspect of design. There will also be camp counselors present at all times with the students to ensure safety and supervision. In addition to their work in the studio, students will experience campus-life while on the plains. From residing in Auburn's resident dormitories, dining at on-campus facilities and enjoying evening social and recreational activities, the students will receive such a memorable experience that they will cherish this great opportunity. For more information, click here.